Music this month

Sunday, May 6, 2012 The Fifth Sunday in Easter

Opening Voluntary, Chant de Mai, Joseph Jongen
Entrance, LEVAS 112
Gloria in excelsis, LEVAS 241, David Hurd
Gradual, Psalm 22:24-30, Deus, Deus meus
Sequence Hymn 513, Bridegroom
Credo, S105 Calvin Hampton
Offertory Anthem Hear Us, O Hear Us, Lord Lee Hoiby
Presentation Hymn 379, Abbot’s Leigh
Sanctus/Benedictus, S127, Hampton
Pascha nostrum, S151, Tonus Peregrinus
Lord’s Prayer, S119, Plainsong
Communion Anthem, Pilgrims’ Hymn, Stephen Paulus
Communion Hymn, 439, Wondrous Love
Closing Hymn, 344, Sicilian Mariners
Closing Voluntary, Christ ist erstanden, Helmut Walch

Sunday, May 13, 2012 The Sixth Sunday in Easter

Opening Voluntary, Arabesque, Louis Vierne
Entrance, LEVAS 60
Gloria in excelsis, LEVAS 241, David Hurd
Gradual Psalm 98, Cantate Domino
Sequence Hymn 651, Mercer Street
Credo, S105, Calvin Hampton
Offertory Anthem, At the round earth’s imagined corners, Lee Hoiby
Presentation Hymn, LEVAS 189,
Sanctus/Benedictus S127, Hampton
Pascha nostrum S151, Tonus Peregrinus
Lord’s Prayer, S119, Plainsong
Communion motet, O Sacrum Convivum, Olivier Messiæn
Communion Hymn 413, Rendez à Dieu
Closing Hymn 412, Earth and All Stars
Closing Voluntary, Incantation for a Holy Day, Jean Langlais

Sunday, May 27, 2012 The Day of Pentecost

Opening Voluntary                 
Entrance 225, Salve festa dies
Gloria in excelsis, S278, William Mathias
Psalm 104:25-35, 37, Benedic, anima mea, Anglican Chant
Sequence Hymn 516, Down Ampney
Offertory Anthem, Greater love hath no man, John Ireland
Presentation Hymn, LEVAS 120
Sanctus/Benedictus  S128, Mathias
Agnus Dei S165, Mathias
Communion Anthem, Witness, Jack Halloran
Communion Hymn                 
Closing Hymn 511, Abbot’s Leigh
Closing Voluntary, Carillon-Sortie, Henri Mulet