A message from Our Dean

Dear Cathedral Congregations, 

I started 2018 with a heart full of prayers, fears and hope. Dominic and Darius's adoption status was still uncertain and, given previous history, my pregnancy was still in the risky period. However, and thanks be to GOD, the year ended with my heart filled with gratitude and awe.
Our boys were officially adopted on December 12 and Dorian was born on September 25.

Miracles do happen. And our lives are living testimony of that. My sons are the greatest gift God has given me and the past three months have been the greatest gift I have received from God's church.
I spent time bonding with my newborn, organizing Dominic's academic life and reading a gazillion books about parenting. It was a restful time, filled with family trips to diners for breakfasts on Saturday morning. I even managed to visit my home country for a few days to introduce Dorian to our community there.
Now I return to you thankful, rested and Re-energized to continue our participation in God's mission in a year when we celebrate 100 years of being designated as the Cathedral of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut.
I am thankful to Bishop Douglas, Bishop Ahrens and our Cathedral Chapter for their support as I took time away from ministry to nurture my family.
My gratitude also goes to Canon Pallares for his pastoral presence and hard work as well as to Cindy Hursty for her outstanding financial and administrative leadership during this time. Thanks to our Deacon Bonnie and associate clergy Tim, Molly, Lee Ann and Jay.
I am thankful to Jilda Aliotta, the Congregations Committee, the ministry teams and all who have supported and been involved in leading our common work with joyful hearts.
God is good. We have a new opportunity to bond and serve him as we continue to grow in spirit.
May God's blessings be upon each one of you this day and forever more.
See you Sunday, January 6th.

With gratitude,

The Very Rev. Miguelina Howell, Dean