Stain Glass Window Sunday

Celebrate the Cathedral and Our Stained-Glass Windows

Tours given: 9:00 am, 11:30 am, and 1:30 pm

Our Christ Church Cathedral displays masterful stained-glass windows. Most visible from within the sanctuary, the Cathedral windows extol Christ, give testimony, and illuminate our magnificent Sacred Space. On Sunday, June 30th, each service will be followed with a short Cathedral Sanctuary tour. The Congregations Committee invites you remain with us. Hear more details and descriptions as well as appreciate the view of our beautiful Stained-Glass Windows. This is part of the Celebration and 100-Year Anniversary of Christ Church Cathedral.

  • The practical role for the use of stained- glass windows in the gothic or Romanesque church edifice is to bring a source of light into the cathedral. Vast sacred spaces with thick walls and high vaulted ceilings that soar heavenward need illumination. The colorful glasswork provides an atmosphere for light, for higher thoughts and calm reflection.
  • The spiritual role of the stained-glass window—a role beyond the practical feature of giving light—is to carry the light of religious mystery, the light of the stories that form the foundations of faith.
  • Artwork found in Stained-glass windows narrates and highlightsspecial moments, special lives, special scenes for the congregant to read and inwardly digest these “old-old stories.”

Not to be overlooked, yet another function ofstained-glass windows is to acknowledgechurch support, church funding and patronage.      --Adapted from an eHow article written by Christopher Cascio


Christ Church Cathedral

45 Church St