Prayers for the victims of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas

In the wake of the violent event in Las Vegas, our Bishops have encouraged our Cathedral and parishes across ECCT to open their doors and offer prayers as an act of solidarity for the victims of the shooting. On Tuesday, October 3, at 12 noon the Cathedral will be open and our bells will ring in their memory.

If you can, please join us at the Cathedral for an hour of prayer that will follow the ringing. If that is not possible, wherever you may be at noon please take time to send forth your prayers.

Let us also continue our efforts toward the eradication of gun violence in our nation. Please read the statement from our Bishops and also from the Episcopal Coalition of Bishops focused on their important work of Bishops United Against Gun Violence.

May the Lord guide us, strengthen us and bring us peace.

The Very Rev. Miguelina Howell, Dean