The Rev Canon Timothy Hodapp231X298

The Rev. Tim Hodapp, Canon for Mission Collaboration, serves the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) as the resource for congregational life and mission-focused cooperative efforts. Collaboration—between worshiping communities, across Regions, among Ministry Networks, and between Region Missionaries—captures most of Tim’s portfolio. Tim combines his 30 years as an ordained minister (from large urban congregations and small-town parishes to university chaplaincy and diocesan staff) with his experience as an advertising copywriter and creative brand strategist, to bear on his current ministry. “Collectively exploring our stories, both personally and within our worshiping communities, helps us identify the mirrors of our lives in sacred scripture. There we uncover what God may be calling us to explore,” Tim explains. “Knowing ourselves in the context of our neighborhoods helps us truly engage where we live and work—formed as Jesus’ disciples and sent as his apostles—into a world hungry for hope.” Before serving ECCT as Canon for Mission Collaboration, Tim served parishes in clergy transition as Canon for Mission Leadership.