Engaging the Arts

Our Cathedral is committed to supporting local and state wide cultural efforts in all areas of the art. Engaging the arts in expressing our faith, celebrating our diversity, and connecting with our community is an important aspect of our life as a cathedral.

We are inspired by God’s continuing wonderful creation and the spark of creation which exists within each of us, and are enthusiastically committed to welcoming and fostering all of the arts, within the Cathedral walls and beyond.

The Cathedral fosters partnerships with musicians, visual and performing artists.

One of the various ways in which we are supporting the arts is by having artists- in -residence.

To learn more about how we are participating in God’s mission through the arts, please contact a member of our team at [email protected]  or contact our Dean at [email protected]


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Cuatro Puntos, Artists-in-Residence “Cuatro Puntos" means "four points" in Spanish, and references the dedication of the collective of chamber musicians to bring people from all parts of the world together through music. Musical diplomacy is key to their mission of spread chamber musicians, the group cites diplomacy as key to their mission of spreading peace and understanding through musical partnerships around the world while always striving for the highest in artistic excellence.