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The Reverend D Littlepage serves on the staff of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut as the Canon for Mission Advocacy, Racial Justice & Reconciliation.

Prior to becoming a Canon for ECCT, Rev. D served as Rector of Trinity Church, Hartford. While at Trinity, D was an active member of the Greater Hartford Interfaith Action Alliance (GHIAA) Clergy Caucus, the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association, and the ECCT Title IV Taskforce, among other endeavors. Prior to serving at Trinity, they served as the Director of Roxbury-Dorchester Power in Community, a collective founded by three Episcopal parishes and the Diocese of Massachusetts.

Throughout their ministry, D has served with a clear sense of God’s call to celebrate the holiness of God in the margins and to equip and support communities in living the Gospel of God’s love in the world around them. D is blessed to journey through life with their wife Kristen and their dog Caleb.