Dear Cathedral family,

In my most recent communication regarding in-person worship, Palm Sunday was identified as our targeted day to return to our Cathedral for in-person corporate worship.

I write this to share with you that given new guidelines both by government and health officials and recommendations from our bishops, we are targeting May 10, 2020, as our new date to start hosting in-person worship and other gatherings.   It is understandable that this update may be received with sadness. I look forward to sharing the peace with each one of you in person when is safe for all.

In the meantime, you may be wondering how we are going to continue connecting with God and one another as a community. Our new virtual service/gathering schedule remains as follow:

§ Sunday at 10 am: Morning Prayer in English

§ Sunday at 11 am: Morning Prayer in Spanish

§ Tuesday at 6:30 am: Bible Study and Happy Hour in Spanish

§ Thursdays at 6 pm: Happy Hour in English (fun games and conversations)

In regards to Holy Week, our Bishops are coordinating efforts to record an Easter service at our Cathedral as an offering to ECCT.  I am working with our Bishops on this and will share more information soon.   

Please note that we continue to participate in God’s mission to those in need through our support to Hands on Hartford, our Church Street Eats program at Church by the Pond on Saturdays, and at our Cathedral on Sundays.  My gratitude to Andrew May, Nancy Jacobs, Theresa Greaves, Michael O’Brian, Louis Ruddock, and all clergy and lay volunteers who are contributing their time and labor to these efforts.   

As we continue to be an active community of faith in the world, I remind you that your financial contributions are important to sustain our common work. Please send your pledges via snail mail or visit our website and donate online.

Canon Jorge, Deacon Bonnie, Tom Smith, Rose Fichera-Eagan, and I continue to make pastoral phone calls, checking in with so many of you. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us should you like to engage in pastoral conversation.



The Very Rev. Miguelina Howell

Cathedral Dean